Benira’s Tree Cards

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Benira’s Tree Cards

In 2016, Benira’s Tree Cards have been released. 35 cards in a set, which brings the power of trees to your home.
The trees as very devotional beings are happy to stand by your side as companion, supporter and good friends. They accompany you with the aid of cards and as signposts in your daily life, and support you through all the diversity of life. The healing power of each tree is being trans- ported by the cards and is at your disposal.

Choose one or several cards to receive an answer to your question.
You can as well use the cards for soothing support and company throughout your day or create a power place with several cards to experience centering and to recharge. Follow your joy and intuition while using the tree cards.

Attached to the cards you find a booklet including information about the quality of the trees and some ideas how to use Beniras’s Tree Cards.

We are happy to ship the card set to your home.

You can order the cards online here.:
by e-mail:

Price: Sfr. 38.—  (postage an packing not included)